Buy ticket - March 2 - 3pm - Room 2Comprar bilhete • 9 de Março • 15h15 • Sala 1

Tokyo Revengers 2- Part 1 – Tsutomu Hanabusa, 90’ (Jap) – 2023

Manga to Live Image Retrospective | CF/ OE. Marcial Arts, thriller, o.v. ,leg ingl, leg. port

March 2 – 3pm – Room 2

Na adaptation to live image of the street fight action Drama by Ken Wakui, “Tokyo Revengers”. Takemichi, a middle-aged man and a loser, discovers that his high school girlfriend has been murdered by members of a gang in Tokyo. But, as he is not even respected by his boss, how can he be successful against such powerful gang? Time travel may help. Selection of the Fantasia Film Festival – Canada.