Buy Ticket • March 1 • 11:15pm • Room 2

Baby Assassins 2: Babies- Yugo Sakamoto -101’ (Japão)

March 1 • 11:15pm • Room 2 

Following the success of “Baby Assassins”, the sequel. Two girls, Chisato and Mahiro share the same flat. Their relationship is not easy. Besides they are unexpected killers. However, they were banned from performing tasks because they violated the organization’ rules.  Needing money to make ends meet, they resume their violent activity as mascot part-time workers. Suddenly, two other killers are after them. Humour and martial arts at great speed and intensity with lots of twists.

Yugo Sakamoto

Japanese director known for “Baby Assassins” (2021), already screened in Fantasporto, “Hangman’s Knot” (2017) and “Yellow Dragon’s Village” (2021)