Buy Ticket • March 2 • 7:15 pm • Room 2

The Diamond Sword – Rustem Abdrashev – 113’ -2016

March 2 • 7:15 pm • Room 2

This is the first feature of a trilogy that deals with the descendants of the legendary conqueror Genghis Khan, namely the sultans Kerek and Janibek and their saga. It is the year 1457, the time of the Great Migrations. The vast empire is permanently at war while the people ask for peace and order. Yet, intrigue and the fighting for the throne are not allowing the birth of a new nation. A sumptuous recreation of historical times coming from a lesser- known cinematography.

Rustem Abdrashev

Director from Kazakhstan known for “Podarok Stalinu” (2008) and “Ostrov Vozrozhdeniya” (2004).