Buy Ticket • March 9th • 9:45 pm • Room 2

Le Repas du Singe– Karim Ouelhaj – 87’ (Belg)- 2013

March 9 • 9:45 pm • Room 2

Nadia and Sophie, around thirty, share a common uneasiness. One escapes from it using drugs, the other ends up in a relationship that has no future.

L’Inédit says about this feature: “A one of a kind piece of work, unclassifiable and bold, that presents a failed world and areas of the extreme underground scene, often hidden in the name of the politically correct”. In the Raindance festival, people wrote: “this feature comes across as a mix of “La Hain”, as directed by Lars von Trier, by way of Xavier Dolan”. Official Section of the Raindance Film Festival (USA), Portobello Film festival (London UK), among others. With Maryse Dinsart, Giovanni di Maschio, Cécile Brohez and Claudio dos Santos.