Buy Ticket • March 8th • 5:00pm • Room 2

O Nosso Caminho – Pedro Gil Vasconcelos, 35’ (Port) – FORA DE COMPETIÇÃO

March 8 • 5:00pm • Room 2

The stories of our History and the spoints of view of those who chose to walk 200 kms to reach the holy city of Santiago de Compostela, in Spain. On the road again, this time during the Jacobean Year and the pandemic, director Pedro Gil Vasconcelos takes with him his friend, well known car-racer and cultural event organizer João Rebelo Martins. “O Meu Caminho” (2022), his previous short, was presented in Fantasporto last year, and gathered an impressive number of awards, among them “Best Short Award” in the Hollywood Gold Awards. This feat is already being repeated by this “O Nosso Caminho”, recently awarded in Milan (Best Short) and Best Short for the Swedish Academy of Motion Pictures.