Buy Ticket • March 8th • 5:00pm • Room 2

Titus – Rui Neto, Jorge Albuquerque – 65’ (Port) – ANTESTREIA

March 8 • 5:00pm • Room 2

This film is not only the presentation of one of the bloodiest and most cruel tragedies by Shakespeare. It is also an approach to modern issues. Titus is a general who returns from war with four prisoners who swear revenge, No one escapes their fury. Titus’ daughter herself is raped. But Titus’ revenge goes further than imaginable. This film has won awards in Argentina (Best Narrative on Film at the Corrientes Festival), Germany ( Best Film and Best Actress, São José Correia (Independent Star Film Fest), Peru ( Best Drama at the Trujillo Festival) Chile (Best Film CIFA) and Spain (Madrid Film Awards).