Buy Ticket • March 8th • 5:00pm • Room 2

Era uma Vez no Apocalipse – Tiago Pimentel – 21’30’’ (Port)

March 8 • 5:00pm • Room 2

In a near future, but very close to ours, the dictatorship persecutes its citizens while the 3rd World War rages on. In that nuclear winter, the Colonel visits an isolated house in search of the rebel daughter of an old man who lives there. Director Tiago Pimentel is well known of Fantasporto, having already screened here his short “Encontro a Quatro” (2016). . With a screenplay by the director himself and António Manuel Pereira, this new film has musician Sérgio Godinho is great shape as an actor in the leading role, side by side with Mariana Pacheco and Paulo Calatré.