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Mutant Ghost Wargirl – Binjie Liu, 72’ (Chi) – Ficção Científica

March 2 • 9:15pm • Room 1 | March 9th • 11:30pm • Room 2

In a futuristic world, a mysterious organization called Medusa Corp is specializing in War for the Future whose main asset is genetic fusion. To fight this, appears an international force which leads to a war between good and bad mutants. A dazzling show of technology and special effects serving a mix of Chinese aesthetic and martial arts in a lesson of cinema that reminds us of “Blade Runner” or “Matrix”.


Binjie Liu

The director is known for “Shen Cheng Fu Yao lu” (2019) and “Luban Si Jie Zhio Fu Hai Yan” (2021).