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The Hyperborean – Jesse Thomas Cook, 95’ (Can)

March 2 • 5:15pm • Room 1 | March 7 • 11:30pm • Room 2

A very rich old man invites his adult children to a special occasion dinner at his reclusive country house. Toasting with a special whiskey from a cask whose provenance is a mysterious shipwreck in the Artic, all seems normal to the heirs. But they ignore what comes next, especially the daughter who suffers from a rare decease. And who is the Hyperborean? A film coming from a Canadian director Jesse Thomas Cook whose previous features “Monster Brawl” and “Cult Hero” were screened in Fantasporto. Selection of the FilmQuest Festival.

Jesse Thomas Cook

Canadian actor, director and producer, known for Cult Hero ( 2022), “Monster Brawl” (2011) and “The Hoard” (2018). “The Hyperborean” (2023) is his eighth feature.