Buy Ticket • March 1 • 9:00pm • Room 1

Testament (Parece que Estou a Mais) – Denys Arcand -115’ (Can) – Outsider films

Official Opening | March 1 • 9:00pm • Room 1

The fame that proceeds Danys Arcand, Canadian filmmaker from Quebec, and his critical and satirical eye over the troubles of modern world, are quite clear in his new feature. Through Monsieur Bouchard, a pensioner in a residence for the elderly who is just preparing to die, we realise how and what in the world has changed- technology, activism, social aloofness, art and creation. In an unexpected reverse journey, tenderness, love and basic human values become predominant in life and essential for our survival. Another masterpiece from the celebrated director and a lesson in humanity and the art of telling a story on film.


Denys Arcand

One of the most celebrated Canadian directors, born in Quebec, has over 40 international awards. Nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language feature in 2004 with “Les Invasions Barbares”. This film has accumulated other awards, namely the César for Best Film and Best Direction and winner of the Best Screenplay in the Cannes Film Festival. The director is also known for other applauded features such as “Jésus de Montreal” (1989), Special Award of the jury in Cannes, among other accolades or “The Decline of the American Empire” (1986). “Testament” (2023) is Arcand’s most recent feature.