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All You Need Is Blood – Cooper Roberts, 100’ (E.U.A.)

March 1 • 11:30pm • Room 1 | March 4 • 11:45pm • Room 2

A parody to Zombie films with unequivocal signs of love for the cinema. A young director aspires to do his first feature and, one day, show it to his idol. Yet, with the arrival of a strange matter to his backyard, his father becomes a true zombie. And why not use him for his film? A pastiche of classics, especially in the musical score, turns this film into a delirium much in the line of Peter Jackson’s Braindead. With well-known Mena Suvari and Emma Grasse in her first role on film. Selected for the Sitges festival, this is the director’s first feature.


Cooper Roberts

Director known for Joal Compass: Back to Me” (2013), The Dead Weather” (2015), and Every Million Miles” (2015). “All you Need is Blood” is his first feature.