Buy Ticket • March 5th • 7:00 pm • Room 2

Semmelweiss – Lajos Koltai, 127’ (Hun) – 2023

March 5 • 7:00pm • Room 2

A doctor in Viena is intrigued by the death of so many babies after birth. But his efforts to discover the cause are not accepted by his boss. Among other prestigious awards, director Lajos Koltai was nominated for an Oscar for his work as Cinematographer for “Malena” (2000) and won a European Film Award for “Sunshine” (by Oscar winner director István Szabó in 1999). He was also the Cinematographer of Oscar-nominated films “Colonel Redl” (1985) and “Hanussen” (1988), and the Oscar-winning masterpiece “Mephisto” (1981). SEMMELWEIS is his 3d film as a director (his previous as a director was “Evening” (2007) with Vanessa Redgrave, Natasha Richardson, Claire Danes.