Buy Ticket • March 5th • 4:45 pm • Room 2

L’Oeil Silencieux – Karim Ouelhaj- 29’ (Belg) – Retrospectiva Karim Ouelhaj- fantástico, v.o.

March 5 • 4:45 pm • Room 2

A man wants to rent an apartment and meets the real estate agent near the building. While they’re talking, a body falls into the pavement. The rental could be occupied immediately. On the floor there is a hole in which he can observe his downstairs neighbour. A story of “voyeurism” and obsession, creating the dark and mysterious atmosphere that the director is so fond of. With Wim Willaert, Judith Williquet and Olivier Picard, screenplay by the director himself and costumes by Florence Saâdi.