Buy Ticket • March 5th • 2:45 pm • Room 2

Parabola– Karim Ouelhaj – 101’ (Belg) – 2005

March 5 • 2:45 pm • Room 2

Axelle, a photographer, meets by chance Sara, a prostitute who happens to be her childhood friend.

This film is the first part of a societal triptych which includes “Le Repas du Singe” and “Une Realité par Seconde”. Says the director: “Parabola” is not a film about prostitution but a raw and nervous statement, alive and raging about the human misery in the streets of a hash and violent city”. The newspaper “Le Soir” adds: “A story born out of the firm intention to take it as it is, with no gloves- an intention to encourage”.

With Celine Rallet, Mario Guzman, Julie Brug, Aude Lorquet. Selected for the Venice Days in the Venice Festival, Tiburon Film Festival (USA), Amiens Festival (France) among others.