Buy Ticket • March 5th • 6:45pm • Room 1

Lost in the Stars – Cui Rui, Liu Xiang, 121’ (China)

March 5 • 6:45pm • Room 1

A man shouts in the police station and nobody seems to care. He shouts he that his wife has disappeared days ago. A policeman seems finally to be interested in the case. He goes on. And the woman who is at home is not her. A young woman lawyer is going to help him discover the truth. An intricate story filled with action and unexpected revelations. One of the biggest Chinese productions of the year, already awarded internationally. Winner of the Golden Crane Award (Best Film and Best Actress) and the Golden Angel Award of the Chinese American Film Festival. Selection of the Shanghai Film Festival.

Cui Rui

Chinese director, known for the shorts Father knows Best” (2015) and To Pimp a Butterfly” ( 2017), already with 14 international awards. Lost in the Stars” (2023) is his first feature.



Liu Xiang

Liu Xiang is Chinese director, cinematographer and screenwriter. He graduated from 3IS Film School in France with a degree in Cinematography who has long been engaged in photographic work in both China and France. He served as the cinematographer for the feature film Erdos Rider (2014), which was nominated for the 44th Rotterdam International Film Festival

 He has transitioned into directing. For his feature directorial debut Knock Knock (2021), he served as director, screenwriter and cinematographer. The film was nominated for 11th Beijing International Film Festival.