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Liza, The Fox Fairy – Károly Mészáros, 99’ (Hun) – 2015

March 2 • 9:45 pm • Room 2 | March 9 • 6:45 pm • Room 1

Pretty nurse Liza, is obsessed with Japanese culture. Foxes are a common subject of Japanese folklore, akin to European fairies: intelligent beings possessing magical abilities that increase with their age and wisdom. Liza tries to find her mate using the forces of a Fox-Fair. But nothing prepares her for the man who lives in her house. Innovative and iconoclast, this Hungarian feature presents high production values seldom seem in European Cinema. Imagination galore and a very possessive ghost. First feature by Karoly Mészáros. This feature won the Best Film Award of Fantasy Cinema and also Best Special Effects Award in Fantasporto 2015, in the presence of its director. First feature by Karoly Mészáros, an Hungarian director and writer known for several short films, such as Gumiember (2003) and A ház (2004).