Comprar bilhete • 3 de Abril • Pequeno Auditório
A Praga

The Curse – José Mojica Marins – 52’ (Brasil) – 2007 – restored version – FANTASCLASSICS – Terror

April 3rd• Small Auditorium • 23h15

Coffin Joe (Mojica Marins himself) warns us right at the beginning you should not joke about the unknown. Marina, Juvenal’s wife, does not understand her dear husband’s nightmares but knows that they started when they took some photos near a witch’ house. Although they were told by her to step away, they insisted on coming as close as possible. And didn’t take the woman’s threats seriously. Thought missing for many years, this feature by Brazilian Cult director Mojica Marins, returns restored and remastered.


Mojica Marins

Born in São Paulo, Brazil. A film lover since childhood, he used to spend all his free time at the local cinema. At the age of 18 he had already completed 18 horror films, a genre he particularly liked which allowed a social comment on the state of his country. Soon his character Coffin Joe became extremely popular among film lovers and appearing in several of his films. With his unique view on cinema, Mojica directed 46 films, both features and shorts, “Coração das Trevas” (2017) being his last. He came to Fantasporto in 2000, where he received a Career Award and the festival screened a retrospective of his work.

Original Title: A Praga / Country: Brazil / Director: José Mojica Marins / Year: 2007 (restored 2021) / Screenwriter: Rubens F. Lucchetti / Actors: Mojica Marins, Wanda Kosmo, Silvia Gless, Filipe Von Rhein / Duration: 52’