Buy Ticket • March 4th • 11:30pm • Room 1

Jour de Merde – Kevin T. Landry – 91’ (Can)

4 de Março • 23h30 • Sala 1

A woman who is abused by her ex-husband, is forced to take her teenage son to a work interview in the mountains, which she must do it, otherwise she will lose her job. The interview is to a man who lives in isolation but has just won the lottery. Strangely enough, the man does not want to be interviewed and refuses to receive the money. A very intriguing story, written by the director himself, which presents several serious issues is a way to constantly surprise the audience. This film was selected for the Fantasia Festival and the São Paulo Film Festival and received the Jury’s Award at the Edmonton Fest. This is Landry’s first feature film.