Buy Ticket • March 4th • 2:30pm • Room 2

Fly Me to Saitama 2 – From Biwa Lake With Love – Hideki Takeuchi, 117’ (Jap) – 2023

March 4 • 2:30pm • Room 2

Manga of the eighties, written and illustrated by Mineo Maya, it had a first version on film in 2019 by Hideki Takeuchi, to great acclaim and nominations for the Japanese Film Academy, winning some awards there. The box-office translated this success, with the film having the best result that year. It also had several awards in other film festivals. The film screened in Fantasporto is a sequel of 2023, made by the same director. All happens in a fictional Japan where people are discriminated based on their birthplace and residence. Saitama’s region is particularly despised by the people of Tokyo.