Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms – Wuershan – 148′ (China)

To say that this is a magnificent epic full of fantasy and beauty is an understatement. There’s nothing like seeing how Chinese cinematography already measures up to standards of narrative and technical excellence in a festival of sumptuousness and entertainment, while immersing the viewer in the mythical struggles between humans, immortals and monsters more than 3000 years ago. A spectacle of great visual effects, martial arts and romance through which we meet the powerful and the humble in their struggles for power, family affection and cruelty. During the Chang dynasty, the Great Curse threatens everyone, especially the new king who is faced with the dilemmas of honor and power, brotherhood and abuse, while refusing to accept that his beloved is a fearsome magical being. Winner of the Golden Rooster award for Best Chinese Film of 2023.

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