Comprar bilhete • 3 de Abril • Grande Auditório
Comprar bilhete • 9 de Abril • Pequeno Auditório
Baby assassins Poster

Baby Assassins – Hugo Sakamoto (Jap) – 95’ – SR – Thriller – EUROPEAN PREMIERE

April 3rd • Grand Auditorium • 21h00 | April 9th • Small Auditorium • 23h15

Alienation, dressplay and technology Japanese style in a time when video games and films promote youth numbness in relation to others. Chisato and Mahiro are two high school girls who are about to graduate. They also happen to be high skilled assassins. When the organization they work for orders them to live together, they develop the perfect partnership. Lots of action and fun is the recipe for these girls. Yakuza or just plain people, no one escapes them. Great performances by Saori Izawa (Mahiro) and Akari Takaishi (Chisato).


Hugo Sakamoto

Japanese director, responsible for “A Janitor” (2021).


Original Title: Baby Walkure / Country: Japan / Director: Hugo Sakamoto /Year: 2021 / Screenwriter: Hugo Sakamoto / Actors: Saori Izawa, Akari Takaishi, Yukina Kukushima, Masanori Mimoto, Mone Akitani / Duration: 95’