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Vortex the Dawn of the Sovereignty

Vortex, The Dawn of Sovereignty – Michel Rousseau – 72’ (Fra) – CF – Animation / Sci-Fi

This is futuristic animation feature representing the dream of a man, French director Michel Rousseau, and his vision of our far-way future. Young Serena has invented some goggles that allow the detection of vortexes which lead us to fabulous worlds, full of robots and androids, showing clearly there are no boundaries for animation films. This feature already has 29 international awards, among them in Cannes World Film Festival (Best Sci-Fi feature), Hollywood Film Awards (Best Feature, Editing, Original Score, Sound), Los Angeles Film Awards or New York Film Awards.


Michel Rousseau

First feature by this French actor and director.

Original Title: Vortex, L’ Aube de la Soveraineté / Country: France / Director: Michel Rousseau / Year: 2021 / Screenwriter: Michel Rousseau / Actors: Michel Rousseau, Cerise Rousseau, Emile Rousseau, Terence Rousseau / Duration: 72’