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The Unburied

The Unburied/El Cadáver Insepulto – Alejandro Cohen Arazi – 84’ (Arg) – CF – Horror – WITH EVENTUALLY SHOCKING IMAGES

Maximiliano returns to his hometown for his father funeral and deal with the paperwork. His brothers are waiting and so is his father’s corpse, still where he died. But his father’s wishes have to be respected. And nobody seems to care much about the situation. The past returns in horror and triviality. Argentinean cinema with shocking images.


Alejandro Cohen Arazi

First feature of this Argentinean director, following the documentary “Cancer de Máquina” (2015).


Original Title: El Cadáver Insepulto / Country: Argentina / Director: Alejandro Cohen Arazi / Year: 2021 / Screenwriter: Alejandro Cohen Arazi / Actors: Demián Salomón, Héctor Alba, Fernando Miasnik / Photography: Leonel Pazos Sciolo / Duration: 84’