Comprar bilhete • 2 de Abril • Grande Auditorio
Comprar bilhete • 4 de Abril • Pequeno Auditório
The Laws of the universe

The Laws of the Universe – The Age of Elohim – Isamu Imakake (Jap) – 119’ – CF – Animação/Manga – ANTESTREIA EUROPEIA


April 2nd • Grand Auditorium • 16:00 | April 4th • Small Auditorium • 16:15


Way beyond traditional Japanese animation, this feature takes us to a well thought, beautiful animation but still imbued in the manga style. Yaizael is sent to protect Earth from Lord Elohim who, like her own father, king Lord Heem, is a reincarnation of the Primordial Buda. The fight beween Good and Bad in the defense of our Planet and its Beauty.


Isamu Imakake

Well-known name of Japanese animation, he directed series for television such as ”Captain Tsubasa” (1983- 1984), and also “Natsume’s Book Of Friends”, “The Mystical Laws” and “The Laws of the Universe”.


Original Title: The Laws of the Universe – The Age of Elohim / Country: Japan / Director: Isamu Imakake / Ano: 2021 / Screenwriter: Sayaka Okawa / Actors: Yoshiki Sengen, Sayaka Oohara, Satomi Arai / Photography: Takeshi Yanagida / Duration: 119’