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The good Father

Doctor Shiro Kubo, whose family had a severe accident leaving the mother in a coma, is called to treat a strange disease. His daughter is suspicious of the woman who claims to be her mother after leaving the coma. Who is the woman who pretends to be her mother? A father must do everything he can to bring tranquillity to his family.

Sho Kataoka

Sho Kataoka Born in 1982, his short “Jellyfish Boy” (2011) received 14 international awards. His feature debut “1/11 Juichibunnoichi” (2014) was selected for the Bucheon Film Festival. It was followed by “Tamako-chan to Kokkubô” (2015). “The Good Father” is his third feature.


Original Title: The Good Father / Country: Japan / Director: Sho Kataoka / year: 2021 / Screenwriter: Sho Kataoka / Actors: Hiroshi Tamaki, Sara Minami, Ryusei Onishi / Photography: Yasushi Hanamura / Duration: 100’