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The Goldsmith/ L’Órafo – Vincenzo Ricchiuto- 89’ (Ita)- horror


February 26 – 21h00 – Room 2 | March 3 – 21h15 – Room 1


A group of Young burglars assault the home of an elderly couple, the goldsmith and his wife. What seemed so easy becomes in a true fight for survival. And the apparent victims soon become the executioners, all in the best tradition of terror Italian cinema, now using technology and constant twists for the best effect. Selection of the Terror in the Bay Film Festival. A first feature by this Italian director.


Vincenzo Ricchiuto

First feature by this director. He is known for L’orafo (2022), Milano in the Cage (2016) and Matu (2009).



Original Title: L’Órafo/ Country: Italy/ Director: Vincenzo Ricchiuto / Year: 2022/ Screenplay: Vincenzo Ricchiuto / Actors: Stephania Casini, Giuseppe Panbieri, Twits Constates/ Contact: Minerva Pictures/ Length: 89′