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Soul Park

SoulPark – Róbert Odegnál, Illés Horváth – 77’ (Hun) – CF- Fantasy


A man wakes up completely naked in the crocodile cage of a zoo. He does not remember how he got there and even where he has been in the last 3 years. A young female detective and her alcoholic partner about to retire are called to solve the case. And what is that cult that seems to be in the middle of it all and whose motto is “conscience is suffering”?


Róbert Odegnál

He was born in Budapest in 1974. Director of the short films “The Developer” (2014), “Noiré” ( 2016), “Single Player” (2017) and “Selfie” (2021). “Soulpark” is his first feature.

Illés Horváth

He was born in Budapest in 1984. “Soulpark” is his first feature.


Original Title: Lélekpark / Country: Hungria / Director: Róbert Odegnál, Illés Horváth / Year: 2021 / Screenwriter: Marcell Belso, Arion Csihar / Actors: László Attila Horváth, Viktória Stauv, Fruzsina Pregitzer / Photography: András Gravi Kiss / Duration: 77’