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Sashenka- Alexander Zhovna-135′ (Ukraine)-horror, drama


February 28th – 9:15pm – Room 1


The Seventies in Ukraine. The parents of a paraplegic are found dead at home. The police investigate the obvious crime. It is impossible that the son is to blame. Travelling to the past we discover a country in deep crisis, an abusive family and death-defying friendships. A powerful and sometimes shocking account of abuse and its consequences for mental health. This is the second feature of the director, hailed as one of the Ukrainian cinema talents.


Alexander Zhovna

Ukrainian writer and director, known for “Liza’s Tale (2019).



Original Title: Sashenka/ Country: Ukraine / Director: Alexander Zhovna / Year: 2022/ Screenplay: / Actors: Milena Kompaniiets, Dmitry Nizhelsky, Dmitry Orlov/ Visual Effects: / Contact: Ukrainian State Film Agency/Multimedia Promotion Sweden/ Length: 135′