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Saralish – Yaser Ahmadi, Behrooz Bagheri – 76’ (Afeganistão/Irão) – SR – Drama – ANTESTREIA MUNDIAL

“Saralish” means arranged marriage. In rural Iran, men dominate. A little girl is exchanged by another one, not even knowing what is happening to her, and she is now the wife to an old man. And the mothers have no say in this. But when an afeghani woman who has been educated in Germany returns to solve her own marriage arrangement that took place before she was even born, the situation of all the women there only gets worse. In the meantime, the boys play with the remains of war but also begin discovering new paths. An alert to human rights situation. Best direction Award at the LIFFT Festival in India.


Yaser Ahmadi

Producer and director born in 1985 in Isfahan in Iran, majoring in cinema Manager of Simorgh Khatere Tara Cinema Institute. Among his films, many documentaries, are “Death of a Nightmare” (2001), “Endless Trouble” (2003),”Jabbar” (2017), “Creativity from the Window of Truth” (2011), “Bitter Plant” (2018), “Baghman Slimming Show” (2016) or the feature “Goodbye Cinema Movie” (2020).


Behrooz Bagheri

Born in Isfahan, Iran, in 1971. He has the Diploma of Fine Arts Conservatory and Bachelor of Cinema. Director of the short “Duel” (2020), the documentary “Corona” (2020) and the short “Avin” (2021).


Original Title: Mobadele (Saralish). Country: Irão/Afeganistão / Directors: Yaser Ahmadi, Behrooz Bagheri / Year: 2021 / Screenwriter: Behrooz Bagheri / Actors: Hojatolah NajafPour, Farid Salavati, Maryam Rezaei, Leila SakhiZadeh / Photography: Ali Hoseynzade / Duration: 76’