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S.Ó.S. – Tiago Santos- 85’ (Port)- terror


February 26 – 5:15pm – Room 1 | March 2 – 5:00pm – Room 2


In an apocalyptic world the routine of the days and hours are the only company of a survivor. He deals with the difficulties of solitude, hunger and fear which rule his life and faces the threats around him. What noises are those that disturb his peace? Who haunts him? Who does he chase? Fine acting by Ivo Saraiva and a dynamic direction by Tiago Santos in this first feature shot in the Viseu region.


Tiago Santos

Director, musician and composer, he directed “A Gota de Água” (2020) about the psychology of loneliness, “Sprint” (2020), a documentary, “Alpha” (2021), a short winner of two awards, and “Tunae” (2022), a documentary about university students music groups.



Original Title: S.O.S. / Country: Portugal / Directed by: Tiago Santos / Year: 2022 / Screenplay: Tiago Santos / Actors: Ivo Saraiva, Silvia Miteva, João Costa, Tiago Santos, João Silva / Photography: Tiago Santos, João Silva: / Contact:A Toca do Lobo / Duration: 85′