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Ritual –Hans Herbots – 122′ (Belg/Netherlands/Germany)- Drama, thriller


February 27 – 7:15pm – Room 1


Kiki, a diver who works with the police, discovers a hand in a river. Knowing the significance of the find because of the part played by her country in the genocide in Congo, she relates it to the sacrifices demanded in the exploitation of the rubber and cobalt mines in Africa where many became rich. In the meantime, she deals with the mysterious deaths of her parents, also divers. Is it all related? A thrilling account of the consequences of colonialism.


Hans Herbots

Working both in the cinema and TV, he was born in 1970 in Antwerp, Belgium. He is mostly known for ‘The Serpent’ (2021), ‘Riviera’ (2017), ‘De Behandeling’ (The Treatment) (2014) and ‘Het Goddelijke Monster’ (2011). He was awarded a Special Mention of the jury at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and a nominee for the Emmy’s in 2013 with “The Spiral” (2012).



Original Title: Ritueel/ Country:Belg/Netherlands/German / Director: Hans Herbots/ Year: 2022/ Screenplay: Carl Joos/ Actors: Marie Winck, Geert Van Rampelberg / Contact:Be for films / Duration: 122′