Comprar bilhete • 2 de Abril • Pequeno Auditório

Riku – Masatsugu Arakawa – 64’ (Jap) – ANIMA-TE – Animation /+5

April 2nd • Small Auditorium • 16h15

Animation feature made for TV that prepares children for the loss of a pet. Riku is a recue dog, found very thin and shivering. Taken to a home that already has other dogs, he knows the love of his young owner and a life in a pack. Unfortunately, disease comes and soon he dies surrounded by his friends


Masatsugu Arakawa

This director has a long career in the animation department of several films and TV series such as “Lupin III” (2018) or “Lu Over the Wall” (2017). As a director, she made “Ping Pong Animation” (2014) and “Batu Gaiden: The Return of Asi” (2013) among others.


Original Title: Riku Wa Yowakunai / Country: Japan / Director: Masatsugu Arakawa / Year: 2021 / Screenwriter: Aki Mizuki / Art Direction: Masanori Kikuchi / Voices: Tomoyuki Morikawa, Tomokazu Sugita, Shotaro Morikubo / Duration: 64’