Buy Ticket • February 25 • 5pm • Room 2

Retrospectiva Freak Agency


February 25 • 5pm • Room 2


AgFreak Reel– 1’ 30’’


Hotel – José Luis Alemán – 11’ 24’’ (2011)

Exhausted after crossing the desert, a man enters an empty hotel where he can eat and drink as he pleases. Horror waits for them.


Bedtime Story – Lucas Paulino, Ángel Torres- 9’ 41’’(2019)

A woman with two small children on the verge of a breakdown. From the other side of the street, a witch observes. The tale the mother tells them says it all.


A little taste – Victor Catalá- 5’12’’ (2019)

A girl runs in the forest and she finds another girl. “There is a witch in the forest” she says “who eats children. Why don’t you run?”


Llengua amb tàperes / Tongue with Capers – David Mataró- 15’ 39’ (2020)

A woman is cooking but she has no capers. She goes out to get them but the dangers in the street are many. 90% of the inhabitants are zombies.


Adam Peiper – Mónica Mateo – 16’ 29’’ (2015)

A man licks the glue of hundreds of envelopes, closes and puts them aside. All good workers will be rewarded, he is told. But how to explain the changes in his body?


La noria – Carlos Baena – 12’ 54’ (2018)
A boy tries to put together all the pieces of a ferris wheel toy but he is not very successful. Everything foals.

One of the pieces escapes under the bed, his family portraits fall from the wall and horrendous creatures chase him. What do they want? A story of fear and terderness.


El fin de todas las cosas – Norma Vila – 15’ 03’’ (2019)

Victoria protects a ferret that she feeds without her mother knowing. In the meantime the mother worries about her health and controls her.

Nunca te dejé sola/Never Left You Alone – Mireia Noguera – 18’ 18’’ (2019)

Returning to the house where they used to spend their holidays, a mother and her teenage daughter try to recover their lives.

But the past is still quite present in those walls.