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Entombed – Kjell Hammerø – 99’ (Nor) – CF – Terror – INTERNATIONAL PREMIÈRE


In a near future, the civilization has been devastated. Running in the forest from the walkers, Seamus discovers an underground shelter. There lives Konrad and his wife who is in a coma, so the man says. With a life-threatening situation on the outside, the two men must share food and space. But, as usual, unexpected things happen. In the Swedish Film Awards this feature won the Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor (Jan Neal Holden). It also won Best Feature at the World Premiere Film Awards.


Kjell Hammerø

Norwegian director, screenwriter and producer. “Entombed”, shot in English is his second feature, following “Bare pa jobb” (2003) and the shorts “Eide Olsen – be that man” and “Eide Olsen – The Hate Still Burns”, both in 2020.