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Mute Witness- Anthony Waller- 95’ -UK – HOMENAGE – thriller


March 3 – 7:15pm – Room 1


A restored version of a Anthony Waller feature of 1995. A mute make-up artist working on a horror movie in Russia. is locked in the studio overnight where she unwillingly witnesses a brutal murder in a clandestine shooting of a snuff movie- in which the victim thinks she is filming porn but ends murdered on camera. The witness begins an uneven fight with the Russian killers. With Alec Guiness as The Reaper, this film won the Special Jury’s Award at the Gérardmer Festival in 1998.


Anthony Waller

Director and producer of “An American Werewolf in Paris”, the winner of the Grand Prix and Audience Award at the Gérardmer Film Festival in 1998.



Original Title: Mute Witness / Country: United Kingdom /Directed by: Anthony Waller / Year: 1995/ Screenplay:Anthony Waller/ Actors:Marina Zudina, Fay Ripley, Evan Richards/ Contact: Jinga Films / Running time:95′