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Melchior the Apothecary – Melchior Trilogy

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Melchior the Apothecary – MELCHIOR TRILOGY – Elmo Nüganen- 100’ (Estonia, Letónia, Lituânia, Alem)


March 4 – 3:15pm – Room 1


The town sheriff asks Melchior, the apothecary who acts as a doctor and a policeman, for help in solving a series of killings. Together with an apprentice from out of town, Melchior is going to look for the facts that indicate who the criminal is.


Elmo Nüganen

The trilogy “Melchior” (2022) includes three independent features by this renowned stage director, artistic director of the Tallinn City Theatre and one of the most prestigious in Estonia, especially known for his work with the great classics. As a film director, he is known for the features “Names in Marble” (2013), “Mushrooming” (2012), “Purge” (2012) e “1944” (2015), Estonian submission to the Oscars. With the “Melchior Trilogy” he continues his theme of historic films based on best-selling and internationally acclaimed novels by Indrek Hargla. As an actor, he participated in “Tangerines” (2013), a Golden Globe and an Academy Best Foreign Language film nominee.



Título Original: Melchior/ País: Estónia/ Realização: Elmo Nüganen / Ano: 2022/ Argumento: Indrek Hargla, Olle Mirme, : Elmo Nüganen / Actores: Märten Metsavir, Maarja Johanna Mägi, Alo Korve / Contacto:Taska Film, Tallinn / Duração: 100’+90’+93′