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Kaymak – Milcho Manchevski – 107′ (Denmark/Netherlands/Croatia/Northern Macedonia) – comedy-drama


February 28 • 9:00pm • Room 2 | March 2 • 7:15pm • Room 1


Kaymak is an irreverent, unconventional, and poignant love story. A young, rich couple are on top of the world, when a distant relative comes to live with them. Underneath its exploration of the eternal search for love, Kaymak tackles darker social issues – surrogate parenting, infidelity, woman’s role in family and society, human trafficking, sexual freedom…Kaymak is an irreverent, unconventional, and poignant love story. Another example of the great cinema by Manchevski, a winner of the Venice Film festival and Career Award of Fantasporto.


Milcho Manchevski

Of Macedonian origin, Director, writer, photographer and artist, Milcho was one of Fantasporto. His Oscar-nominated first feature, “Before the Rain” (1994) won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, along with 30 other awards. The New York Times included it on its “1,000 Best Films Ever Made” list. He directed six features – Willow (2019), Bikini Moon (2017), Mothers (2010), Shadows (2007), Dust (2001) and Before the Rain (1994). His films were screened among others in Venice, Berlin, Toronto, Sundance, Tokyo, Jerusalem, Fantasporto, Aspen, Warszawa, Madrid, Locarno, etc. He received in person the Career Award in Fantasporto 2017 and returned in 2020 to take home the Directors Week Best film Award for “Willow”.



Original Title: Kaymak/ Country: USA / Director: Milcho Manchevski/ Year: 2022/ Screenplay: Milcho Manchevski/ Actors: Sara Klimoska, Kamka Tocinovski, Aleksandar Mikic, Somova Spirovska ; Contact:LevelK/ Duration: 107′