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Kargo – TM Malones – 82’ (Filipinas)- drama


February 25 | 7:00pm | Room 2 – March 1 | 5:15pm | Room 1


In an accident, her husband and her daughter die. In order to revenge the family she has lost, a woman, Sara, decides to take over her husband’s job as a lorry driver and look for the man who responsible for the tragedy. One day, constantly harassed by the men she meets, she helps a young mute girl. Together they are going to face the perils of the road and the children’s traffickers. A lot of suspense and tenderness in the winner of the Audience Award at the Cinemalayan Film Festival.


TM Malones

Cinematographer and director from the Philipines, “Kargo” is his second feature after “Salvi: Ang Pagpadayon (2013).



Original Title: Kargo/ Country: Philippines/ Director: TM Malones/ Year: 2022/ Screenplay: Joseph Israel Laban/ Actors: Max Heigemann, Myles Robles, Jess Mendoza, Nathan Sotto/ Contact:Ignatius Films / Duration: 82’