Buy Ticket • March 3 • 3:15pm • Room 1

Já Nada Sei – Luís Diogo- 93’ (Port)- 2022


March 3 • 3:15pm • Room 1


All love stories have two versions: in colour and in black and white. A man wants to separate from
his companion of 12 years but doesn’t know how to tell her. While he is undecisive, he listens to the advice of others and recovers what they have said about relationships. Ironically, they were chosen to be
interviewed as a model couple. The pair begins then a new and difficult journey.

This film has already been granted Best Film Awards in the Alexandria Film Festival, Lifft Festival in India and Treasure Coast Film Festival in the USA.


Luís Diogo

Producer, screenwriter and director, has seen his work directed by directors such as Leonel Vieira, Luís
Galvão Teles and M. F. Costa e Silva, he is known for
his short films “Noite Gélida em Castelo Branco” (2011) and “Noite Fria em Castelo Branco”,
both presented in Fantasporto, and “Desta Água…” (2010). “Pecado Fatal” (2013), his first feature film, won 9 international awards, followed by “A Sublime Life” (2018) with 24 intenational awards, namely Best Actor in Fantasporto 2018, World Cinema Award in the Indianapolis Film Festival (EUA) and the Golden Film Award n in the US Hollywood Film Festival. “Já Nada Sei /Just Let Me Go”


Título Original: Já Nada Sei/ País: Portugal/ Realização: Luís Diogo/ Ano: 2022/ Argumento: Luís Diogo/
Actores: Duarte Miguel Mastos, Ana Aleixo, Susie Filipe / Contacto: justletmegothe