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A girl takes her city boyfriend to meet her friends from the place where she was born. Together, they camp near the deceiving waters of an abandoned quarry. Tension grows. Death comes, relentless. Selection of the Sitges (Spain) and Bifan (South Korea) festivals. Winner of the Best Film Award at the Festival de Cinema Latino Americano and winner of Best Screenplay and Cinematography at the Gramado festival. First feature by the directors

Rafael e Bernardo Antonaccio The directors started with the shorts “Extracorpus” (2016) and “Revolveres y Rosas” (2012) .“En el Pozo/ In the Quarry” is their first feature.


Original Title: En El Pozo. Country: Uruguai. Direction: Rafael e Bernardo Antonaccio. Script: Rafael e Bernardo Antonaccio. Actors: Paula Silva, Augusto Gordillo, Rafael Beltrán, Luiz Pazos. Duration: 82’