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follow her

Follow Her – Sylvia Caminer – 95’ (E.U.A.) – CF – Thriller – WORLD PREMIERE

A woman depends on the videos she makes for the social media and the quantity of her followers. One day, she is invited to help finish the writing of a screenplay which makes her travel to a remote, isolated place where Tom lives. A profound and original reflection on privacy and modern times in a thriller that casts a rather disturbing and fresh and original look at a very current issue. First fiction feature by this American director.


Sylvia Caminer


After working on TV as a documentary director (“Great Hotels” (2002), “Passport to Europe” (2004), “Tanzania: A Journey Within” (2011) or “Samantha Brown: Places to Love” (2018-2020) among others), she directs the fiction short “Laying Low” in 2017. “Follow Her” is her first fiction feature.


Original Title: Follow Her / Country: E.U.A. / Director: Sylvia Caminer / Year: 2022 / Screenwriter: Dani Barker / Actors: Eliana Jones, Mark Moses, Luke Cook / Photography: Luke Geissbuhler / Duration: 70’