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Based on the novel with the same title by Chuck Palahniuk, “Fight Club” has a screenplay by Jim Uhls, his first in a discreet career with just another feature film, “Sweet Talk” (2014).

The film is presented by a Narrator, himself one of the main characters,

played by the always fantastic Edward Norton, in one of his best roles. Through him, the story grows far beyond its restrictive synopsis or its theme– underground clandestine wrestling. The film is presented by a Narrator, himself one of the main characters, played by the always fantastic Edward Norton, in one of his best roles. In just few years, this feature showed the true essence of a cult film, being a symbol of annihilation and the will of death of a generation without goals or power. Nominated for the Oscar of Best Sound Effects, this film confirmed David Fincher as a filmmaker to follow.

It all starts very slowly till its climax. An office employee who cannot sleep, and a soap maker looking for a purpose in life form an unlikely pair of friends who discover something vital. Without any solution for his lack of sleep the Narrator goes to a self-help group, finding some peace in the pain and tears of others. His friendship with the Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) becomes the spring that leads till the end. Seductive and sometimes maniacal, Durden is the counterpart to his friend’s insecurity, a powerful portrait of part of society who does not know where to go, dominated by consumerism and the media, substituting “I shop, therefore I exist” by “I bleed, therefore I am”. As the “femme-fatale” in the self-help group is the fabulous Helena Bonham – Carter, in a turning point of her career that will lead her to Tim Burton and a few outstanding roles in the fantasy genre.


David Fincher With a long career between 1984 e 1994, directing music videos for the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, George Michael, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Iggy Pop or Patty Smith, David Fincher risks his first feature, “Alien 3”(1992), then “Seven”, already with Brad Pitt , a film that won the Best Film Award in Fantasporto 1996. It was followed by “The Game” (1997) with Michael Douglas, and “Fight Club”, two years later. Without ever leaving the music behind, Fincher dives again into the anguish of the thriller with“ Panic Room” (2002) followed by “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (2008), perhaps his most poetic feature to date and again with Brad Pitt. Then comes “Zodiac” ( 2007), “The Social Network” (2010), “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” (2011) and “Gone Girl” (2014). Also working in television, in “House of Cards” or “Mindhunter”, the director returns to feature films and his relationship with the top actors of his generation. In his latest, it is the time for Gary Oldman, in “Mank” (2020), an approach to 30’s Hollywood and the struggles of the scriptwriter of “Citizen Kane”, H. J. Mankiewicz, to finish it.


Original Title The Fight Club. Direction: David Fincher. Script: Chuck Palahniuk, Jim Uhls. Country: EUA Actors: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham-Carter, Meat Loaf, Zach Grenier, Richmond Arquette, David Andrews. Duration: 139’