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Exhibit #8- Ruben Broekhuis- 76’ (Países Baixos/The Netherlands)- terror, drama


March 1 – 9:15pm – Room 1 | February 27 – 9pm – Room 2


The horror of the migrant children who vanish without a trace in Europe and human trafficking. Aisha and her brother came from Bosnia alone to Netherlands. A Spanish director, Elias, is going to film her story and help her investigate how her brother suddenly disappeared. What they discover is a terrifying truth that risk their lives. An example of good cinema but also call for attention to a very disturbing subject. A first feature by this director.


Ruben Broekhuis

First feature by this Dutch director, following the shorts “Circus” (2009), awarded at the Encounters Film Festival or “Als de Oorlog over is “(2017) and “Het Feyenoord-DNA” (2018) and the documentaries “Power & Martial Arts (2020) and “ Kiezen voor Liefde” ( 2018).