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Demigod: the Legend Begins – Chris Huang Wen-Chang-103′ (Taiwan) Animation, action


February 27 – 3:15pm – Room 1


When he ignores his master Eight-Toed Qilin’s advice, martial world fledgling Su Huan-Jen is caught up in a perilous power struggle. Ensnared in a conspiracy that even his own master cannot escape from, Su Huan-jen must turn back the tide and stop the evil mastermind once and for all. The excellence of animation in a film of beauty and martial arts. Selection of the Neuchatel Festival where it wins the Audience Award, and also in Bucheon and 6 other festivals It was also one of the most awarded features at the Taiwan Film Festival.



Original Title: / Country: Taiwn/ Director: Chris Huang Wen-Chang-/ Year: 2022/ Screenplay: Chris Huang/ Actors: Voice: Vincent Huang/ Contact: Flash Forward Entertainment / Length: 103′