Comprar bilhete • 5 de Abril • Grande Auditório
Broken Blooms

Broken Blooms – Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio – 107’ – SR – Drama – WORLD PREMIERE

April 5th • Grand Auditorium • 18h00

In the beginning of the pandemic. Cynthia and Jeremy are newly wedded. In their poor community, life is filled with difficulties but also solidarity and warmth. Life goes on, in the middle of laughter and cries.

A new film by Luisit Lagdameo following the brutal “School Service, presented in Fantasporto in 2019, in the presence of the director, and awarded Best Actress SR. Lagdameo is known for his accurate pictures about the streets of Manila.


Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio

Louie Ignacio is a director and cinematographer, known for “Asintado” (2014), “Lovestruck” (2005) and “Tropang potchi” (2009). “Laut” was screened in Fantasporto 2016 as well as “School Service” (2019) which was given an award in the presence of the director. “School Service” also was the winner of the Asian Film Festival in Barcelona.


Original Title: Broken Blooms / Country: Philipines / Director: Luigi Lagdameo Ignacio / Year: 2022 / Actors: Jeric Gonzales, Ms Jocelyn Jose, Therese Malvar, Norman Balbuena / Duration: 107’