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Annular Eclipse – Zhang Chi – 97’ (Chi) – CF – Ficção Científica – ANTESTREIA EUROPEIA

Set in 2030, the film is about the assassin Ge trying to find his lost memories while completing missions for his “father” organization. It has a Cyberpunk aesthetic that portrays the landscapes of future China and its possible crime world where, despite technology, the human component still endures. A big budget Chinese feature with a fabulous vision of future architecture. Selection of the Busan Film Festival.


Zhang Chi

Chinese diretor, he won the Jury Special Award at the Moscow Film Festival with his first feature, “In Search of Echo” (2019). “Annular Eclipse” is his second feature.

Original Title: Annular Eclipse / Country: China / Director: Zhang Chi / Year: 2021 / Screenwriter: Zhang Chi / Actors: Liu Lu, Ye Ting, Zhu Hongyang / Visual Effects: Fang Yi / Contacto: Parallaxchina / Duration: 97’