Comprar bilhete • 5 de Abril • Pequeno Auditório

A couple arrives to an isolated house to spend a few days in the middle of the countryside but their first night reveals to be quite agitated. What are those noises, which ghost moves chairs, who are those people who appear there? What secrets from the past explain it all? Written and directed by Miguel Gomes, this first feature film has an atmosphere that only cinephile can create. Shot in the city of Barcelos.


Miguel Gomes

Film Director, teacher of music and drama. Producer of some music videos. “Amelinda” (2021), his first feature follows the short “O Silêncio” (2020).

Título Original: Amelinda / País: Portugal / Realização: Miguel Gomes / Ano: 2021 / Argumento: Miguel Gomes. Produção: Miguel Gomes / Actores: Armindo Cerqueira, Carla Cardoso, Marília Vieira, Fernando Gomes, Isabel Diogo, Tiago Moreira / Contacto: / Duração: 114’