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about us not about us

About Us But Not About Us – Jun Robles Lana- 92’ (Filipinas) – drama


February 28 – Room 2 – 7pm | March 2 – Room 1 – 5:15pm


During the pandemic, a gay professor meets with one of his students at a restaurant and go through their past and how human relationships have evolved. The effects of the pandemic, how society sees different people, death, life, culture, honesty, lies, love and treason, all dissected in a long dialogue that reviews past lives and personal tragedies. Things are never what they seem in a screenplay filled with unexpected twists.

Jun Robles Lana

A prolific Phiilipino director and writer, with over 30 international and national awards, known for “Bwakaw” (2012), winner of the Best Fil Award at the Cinemalaya Film Festival, “Die Beautiful” (2016), winner of the Audience and Best Actor Awards in the Tokyo Festival, and “Big Night” (2021) winner of the Famas Award.