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This bodiless woman is an invisible human being, a victim of domestic violence. We can’t see her but we can hear her words. We know her story via Joana, a double who inhabits the places where the woman has lived. Social phobia has made her run away from her family and her past. Incógnito and in an unalterable routine, she survives precariously in a pension room in Lisbon, confronting the insecurities of that past.


Original Title: A Mulher Sem Corpo. Country: Portugal. Direction: António Borges Correia. Script: Anabela Brígida , António Borges Correia. Actors: Anabela Brígida, Rogério Vieira, Tiago Lila, Marco d’Almeida, Henrique Espírito Santo. Duration: 80’