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XXXHolic – Mika Ninagawa – 110’ (Jap) – CF – Fantasy/Manga

A student called Watanuki who sees ghosts, needs a normal life. To get rid of what torments him, he is led by a butterfly to a witches’ shop where he can read “wishes granted”. What follows is a dive into a magnificent dreamlike world where everything comes with a price. And he must consider what is really important for him. A big budget feature based on a very popular manga by Clamp that leads us into a world of imagination and the great Japanese aesthetic tradition packed with fantasy and action.


Mika Ninagawa

Director and Screenwriter, she was born in Chofu, Japan, in 1972. She debuted with “Sakuran” (2016), followed by “Helter Skelter” (2012) and “No Longer Human” (2019), among others. She also directed the music video “Alicia Keys: Girl on Fire, Japanese version” (2013).


Original Title: XXXHolic / Country: Japan / Director: Mika Ninagawa / Year: 2022 / Screenwriter: Erika Yoshida / Actors: Ryunosuke Kamiki, Koh Shibasaki, Hokuto Matsumura / Photography: Daisuke Soma Ltd. / Duration: 110’